Hotel Kilkenny

We are thrilled to start returning to what we do best ensuring our guests have an amazing stay.

However we realise and take seriously the threat of Covid-19 and the safety of our staff and our guests was, is and always will be our top priority. With this in mind we will adhere strictly to all government guidelines and indeed have added our own extra measures to ensure you can relax and enjoy the wonderful warm welcome of Hotel Kilkenny once more.

Please be aware that Government Regulations (S.I. 560/2020) provide legal effect to the following safe operational rules for Hotels/pubs/restaurants.

Our teams are legally obliged to follow the rules in order to protect themselves and others from the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Public Health Rules: For your safety and the safety of our community.

We appreciate your understanding in these very difficult times. Hotels do not make the rules; but we have an obligation to everyone to follow them.

Here is a synopsis of the measures we are taking to ensure the safety of our guests and staff:

  • Hotel Kilkenny is adhering to all published health guidelines
  • No more than 6 persons at any table.
  • Table service only while in the bar
  • Multiple table bookings are not allowed.
  • Entry Criteria: Proof of immunity required to access gym, leisure centre, bar & restaurant. (Covid pass and ID)
  • Entry Criteria: Only vaccinated or immune adults entering the premises will be able to bring unvaccinated children under 18 indoors with them
  • Under 18s do not need proof of vaccination, if they are accompanied by an adult who fits the entry criteria
  • Alcohol / Food service must cease by 11:30pm. Bar must be vacated by 12:00 Midnight
  • There is to be no residents bar or any after hours alcohol bar service for residents.
  • All meal times excluding breakfast must be confirmed prior to arrival to ensure social distancing.
  • All Staff and Guests are pre-screened before arrival for contact with or symptoms of COVID-19 with flexible rebooking offered to guests.
  • Physical distancing is active within our buildings.
  • Hotel Kilkenny has appointed trained COVID representatives.
  • All employees are trained to adhere to COVID protocols.
  • Staff have been trained in the correct use and disposal of their appropriate PPE.
  • Public sanitisation stations are freely available for guests.
  • All public areas are sanitised to international best practice.
  • Common touch points in public areas are hourly sanitised.
  • Bedrooms and all bathroom surfaces are fully sanitised to international best practice prior to guest check in.
  • All linens and towels are laundered to international best practice – utilising both chemical and thermal disinfection protocols.
  • Hotel Kilkenny is committed to a healthy working environment for all and has ensured supply of appropriate PPE, hand sanitisation, industry leading bedroom and public area sanitisation products, equipment, technology, training and protocols.
Safety Charter Covid 19